Argos, the Lightbringer is the greater god of Light and the Sun. His symbol is the rising sun in white on a field of red. Most of his clerics study the domains of Life and Light, but he also grants spells to clerics of War and (rarely) Knowledge.

Argos is usually represented as a golden-skinned man of sturdy build, garbed in bronze armor and constantly illuminated with the brightness of the sun. He wields his great spear, Helios, and brings light to the darkest places.

The worship of Argos is widespread, with nearly every large settlement having a temple to his glory. Argosian temples are recognizable by wide archways, large windows (usually stained glass) and always have an altar with a continual flame kept by the faithful. Should the altar’s flame be extinguished, it must be reconsecrated in a day-long ritual involving flame from another consecrated altar.

The three tenets of Argos are as follows:

  • Bring light to the dark places: not only a literal invocation to bring illumination, but the faithful of Argos also believe in sharing knowledge and enlightenment. Literacy is important to Argosians, and many pursue education through their whole lives.
  • Remain faithful and vigilant: Though the Lightbringer is ever watchful and observes all that the sun touches, every day the sun must set and it is then that his faithful must stand watch in the darkness. Initiates and devotees of Argos often stand long night vigils as part of their devotions.
  • Fire warms, but it also burns: An admonition against pride and a sermon on the wise use of power. Priests of Argos often act as advisors to rulers, urging humility and responsibility. At the same time, there is also a need for the cleansing flame to burn away the evil and unclean when necessary, which is considered a sacred obligation by the faithful.

Priests of Argos are often called to crusades, usually against injustice or tyranny. On rare occasions, they ally with the followers of Heriot to strike against the undead, as both gods find the living dead to be abomination.

Argos is prayed to at dawn and again briefly at dusk. In formal worship, believers don identical humble white robes, and sing hymns and psalms before a priest gives a homily about one of the three tenets.


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