Irabazi, Goddess of Victory is the lesser goddess of triumph over one’s adversaries, in battle as well as other conflicts. As such, she is the patron of Conquest and Trade in both aspects. Her clerics study the domains of War and Knowledge, with Trickery as a rarer part of her portfolio.

Irabazi, when she appears to her followers, is seen as a tall woman, dark-skinned, with harsh features and hair tied up in intricate knots. She wears silver robes with a golden breastplate, and carries Nemesis, her holy sword that can cleave any obstacle. Her holy symbol shows Nemesis in black, inverted over a field of silver or gold, depending on her aspect.

She is worshipped in one or the other of her dual aspects, rarely both at once. As the Goddess of Victorious Battle, every soldier on a field of war offers her a prayer, and her symbol is found emblazoned on the armor of her war clerics and the shields of the faithful. And as the Goddess of Prosperous Trade, her oaths can be heard sworn in banks, moneylenders, trading houses, and prayers arise from anyone looking to come out on top in a deal.

The tenets of her faith, however, are shared between both aspects:

  • Victory is not always noble. Irabazi gives her favor to landed knight and poor militiaman alike, she cares not for birth or even noble actions – in the end, she is the patron of winning, not the methods used to achieve such an outcome.
  • Today’s success is tomorrow’s regret. Victory can be fleeting, and circumstance can change from one moment to the next. Many treat this belief as a word of caution, while others believe that once blessed by the goddess’s favor, you are obligated to test it.
  • Fortune favors the bold. Irabazi will not bestow her gifts upon those who simply sit and wait for things to happen. Hers is a faith dependent on action – the goddess helps those who would help themselves.

There are few churches to Irabazi as she is a goddess of the moment, often prayed to when necessary. However, many have erected shrines to her at the site of great victories, or in honor of her blessings.


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