The Sleeping Dragon


The Sleeping Dragon is not part of the divine pantheon, but is a godlike force nonetheless. Worshipped in secret by an unknown number of cultists, the Dragon’s cultists have access to the domains of Death, War, Trickery, and Tempest. Theirs is a worship of ultimate destruction, and even asleep, the Dragon bestows power upon the faithful.

The devout wear the circular symbol of the Sleeping Dragon as a tattoo or brand, or in extreme cases, an elaborate pattern of interlocking scars said to act as unholy armor against the virtuous. Outlawed by all civilized nations, worship of the Sleeping Dragon takes place in secret, usually under cover of darkness.

The Dragon Cult holds these tenets as absolute law:

  • That which is created can be destroyed. The Chaos Dragon came to unmake the cosmos that Ahn sang into existence, and that is still the aim of its followers.
  • That which sleeps shall one day awaken. Cultists seek to hasten the awakening of the Sleeping Dragon, and are constantly involved in conspiracies and intrigues to that end. Some believe sowing chaos will wake their god, while others try to bring about the Dragon’s rise via acts of mass destruction.
  • That which resists change is anathema and must be torn down. All structures – buildings, social orders, kingdoms – everything must be toppled if it will not change with time. There are those who see the Sleeping Dragon as an agent of cosmic change, perhaps working to unmake this universe in order that another may follow it.

Whether the beliefs of the cultists are true or not with regards to how their lord will awaken is unknown, but their effects are certainly undeniable. Murder, chaos, and terror are their chief tools of worship, and their fanaticism is without question.

The Sleeping Dragon

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