Heriot, the Final Gatekeeper is the greater god of Death and Finality. His symbol is a circle bisected by a line, often carved into cenotaphs or tombstones. He holds power over the domains of Life and Death, but also grants certain priests the gift of Knowledge that can only come from the dead.

Heriot is one of the most featured gods in art and legend, usually depicted as a pale-skinned male of the artist’s race, as all races view Heriot as their own wan reflection. He is constantly wrapped in an ever-flowing black shroud, and carries at his side the hammer Final Judgment.

Heriot’s priests oversee cemeteries and funeral rites, but also crusade alongside paladins of Argos against the undead from time to time, as Heriot has a very severe view of those who break the bonds of death without his express permission. While he is known to grant his priests permission to reach beyond the veil of the spirit world, doing so without Heriot’s blessing is a risky endeavor.

Heriot has but a few tenets of faith, but they are strict and inflexible:

  • All things that live should die. The Heriotic faith is a fatalistic one, believing that all things die in their time, and the concept of immortality is anathema to true believers.
  • Honor the dead by living. While Heriot is seen as a dour and humorless deity, his followers are urged to experience what life has to offer, as death will come in its own time and is not to be sought out for its own sake.
  • Reach not beyond the veil of death to seek power, only knowledge. Those who practice arcane necromancy are among the most hated by the Heriotic faith, as are soulless undead such as vampires and wraiths. These abominations are to be destroyed as a holy obligation, says the Lord of the Dead.

Heriot is father to Izurria, and while their priests often clash, the two share a cold yet familial relationship. Priests of Heriot dress in black robes for formal affairs, but can always be recognized by the darkening of their eye sockets with ash or charcoal. Dirges are sung to acknowledge Heriot during services and at sunset for ritual prayers.


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